• How to Assign a Static IP to an Arista AP via CloudVision Wi-Fi

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This article explains how to setup Static IP address on Arista APs via CloudVision Wi-Fi.


  • Administrator access to CloudVision Wi-Fi (CVW) / Wireless Manager (WM).
  • The AP must show Active status on CVW.


Static IP address can be assigned to any Arista AP using the “Additional VLAN Monitoring” option.

  1. To enable this, navigate to Monitoring > Wi-Fi > Access Points
  2. Right-click the AP to which you want to assign Static IP address and select Customize > Additional VLAN Monitoring.

  3. In the right hand side panel, select Add VLANs to Monitor, enter the VLAN ID and click Add.

    You can set the static IP address on the communication VLAN or any additional VLANs.

  4. Click the arrow beside the VLAN ID and select ‘Static’.
  5. Enter the required IP details and click Done.

  6. The device will then reboot and come online with the assigned Static IP address. While assigning the static IP address on the communication VLAN, ensure that the AP has connectivity to the CloudVision Wi-Fi (Active state).

Note: While changing the static IP on any additionally monitored VLANs, ensure that the VLANs are available on the trunk port where the Arista AP is connected and that the Static IP that you are assigning to the VLAN is available i.e. not assigned to another device, otherwise you may have an IP conflict in your network.


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