• How to Configure Alerts in CloudVision Wi-Fi

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This article will give you a brief idea about configuring Alerts in CloudVision Wi-Fi. An alert provides a means to notify network admins of network events that need their attention.

Alerts can be configured at individual locations in the hierarchy. If an alert is configured at the parent location, the same alert configuration will be inherited by the child location unless the administrator creates a different alert configuration at the child location.


  • Administrator access to CloudVision Wi-Fi
  • CloudVision Wi-Fi should be on version 2.3 or higher.


A network admin should be able to configure the following alerts in CloudVision Wi-Fi using alert-specific parameters and selecting one or more notification methods.

  1. Navigate to Configure > Alerts
  2. Select the location in the Navigator, where you want to configure the Alert.

  3. Select the Alert Category from the list:
    • Wi-Fi
      • Connectivity (Real time and live alerts)
        • Connectivity Failure
        • Associated Clients
          • Per AP Association Alert
          • Per Location Alert
      • Performance (Triggered every 15 mins and live alerts)
      • Baseline (Triggered every 15 mins and live alerts)
      • Client Connectivity Test (Instantaneous alerts)
    • System
      • Server (Real time and live alerts)
      • AP/Sensor (Real time and live alerts)
    • WIPS (Real time and live alerts)
  4. Enabling the Activate Alerts checkbox can be used to apply the same alert configuration to all the sub-folders recursively.
  5. For Alerts in the Wi-Fi category, select the Alert Notification Type option i.e. from one or more of the following notification methods from Email, Display, and Notify to inform users about the alerts.
  6. With the Email option, all the email addresses added under the Email Recipients tab will be notified.

  7. Selecting the Display check box will show the alert on the Monitor > Alerts page.
  8. The Notify check box corresponds to sending notifications to external agents such as Syslog, configured under System > Third-party Servers > Syslog.This article will help you with configuring Syslog Integration.
  9. Click on + to configure a new Alert or click on the Add Alert button at the upper right corner (This button appears for Wi-Fi and Connectivity alert categories).
  10. Configure the parameters based on the type of Alert selected and click Save.


  • By default, all child locations will inherit the alert configuration from the parent location unless you create different alert configuration at the child location.
  • Alerts configured at a folder/child location will be applicable only at locations with APs.
  • Alerts will be raised at the locations where the devices causing the alerts have been tagged.

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