• How to Generate Heatmaps on CloudVision Wi-Fi

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This article describes how to view RF heatmaps on a location floor plan, using CloudVision Wi-Fi.

Heatmaps enable us to visualize signal strength, link speeds, and available channels for connection at different points on the floor. This helps with better placement of APs on the floor plan, based on different requirements (e.g better coverage in conference rooms).


  • Access to CloudVision Wi-Fi.
  • Active Arista device in AP mode.
  • Floor plans imported into CloudVision Wi-Fi, with APs placed according to their physical locations.


  • Launch CloudVision Wi-Fi and click the Floor Plans tab.
  • Ensure that you select the correct location in the Navigator location hierarchy.
  • Select RF Heatmaps from the drop-down menu at the upper right corner
  • There are four views available, click on each view to generate the heat map view accordingly.
    • Default View

    • AP Coverage View: It enables us to view maximum available signal strength at each point on the floor. You also have the option to select the RSSI value for which the AP coverage needs to be displayed. Additionally, you may also select the resolution or the frequency bands as well. AP coverage view for the selected options is displayed.

    • AP Link Speed View: It enables us to view the maximum downlink rate with which a Client at a particular point can connect to an AP on the floor. You also get the options to select the resolution & frequency band.

    • AP Channel Coverage View: It enables us to view all the 802.11 channels available for connection at each point on the floor. It also helps in preventing potential channel interference scenarios. You get the options to select the resolution and frequency band in this view as well.

Key Points

  • Heatmap views are generated for AP radios only as supported heatmap views are applicable for AP radios.
  • Heatmaps are generated only for active devices that are properly configured (i.e. SSID profile should be turned on for both the bands and device radios has managed APs configured properly on the placed device location).
  • If there are multiple APs, the maximum signal strengths, maximum link speeds, and channel corresponding to maximum signal strength is shown on the floor heatmap views.

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