• How to Install CloudVision Wi-Fi plugin for On-Premises Wireless Manager

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CloudVision Wi-Fi is extremely useful in troubleshooting Wi-Fi client connectivity or network related issues. It is available as a service to Arista Cognitive Wi-Fi Cloud customers, and can also be configured as a plugin for Wireless Manager in an On-Premises environment.


  • Wireless Manager (WM) must be upgraded to version 8.5.1 or above
  • Administrator must download CloudVision Wi-Fi (CVW) plugin file from the Wi-Fi Customer Portal. Release Notes will include information on WM and CVW compatibility.
  • CVW plugin bundle must be hosted at a location from where it can be downloaded on WM, using one of HTTP, FTP, SFTP or SCP protocols.


  1. Log in to the WM config shell CLI. The default password to log in to the config CLI is: config
  2. Run the command:
    plugin update cloudvision wifi

    NOTE: Installing this plugin will restart services on WM.

  3. Choose a method to download the CVW plugin. In the sample below, HTTP method was selected.

  4. Choose to install the CVW plugin in the following option.

  5. To delete or uninstall this plugin, run the command:
    plugin delete cloudvision wifi


  • To validate if the CVW installation was successful, run the command:
    get version

  • From the WM UI, click on ‘Try the new UI for Wi-Fi Access Monitoring’ to open CVW.


  • CloudVision Wi-Fi data is not backed up in the database backup for Wireless Manager.
  • ‘reset factory’ operation on Wireless Manager will delete the installed CloudVision Wi-Fi plugin.

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