• How to Work with Groups on CloudVision Wi-Fi

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Groups provide a network administrator the flexibility to apply custom configurations to APs across locations in CloudVision Wi-Fi, regardless of the default templates configured at those individual locations.

In this article we will walk through some common operations using Groups.


  • Superuser or Administrator access to CloudVision Wi-Fi (CVW).
  • CloudVision Wi-Fi version 2.4 or higher.
  • Wireless Manager (WM) version 8.7 or higher.


Creating Groups

A Group can be created in any of the following ways in CVW:

  1. Navigate to System > Navigator > Folder > Right click on a folder > Add Group

    : Groups cannot be created at floors, but only at location folders.
  2. Navigate to System > Navigator > Groups > Click + to Add Group
    : A Group can be created only at a location where the user has permissions.
  3. To add Access Points to a group, navigate to Monitor > Access Points > Right click an AP > Assign/Reassign to a Group

    The panel on the right will show a list of Groups. Select the required Group and click “Assign”. This panel allows you to create a new Group as well.

Configuring Groups

SSIDs available at a folder can be turned on or off to configure Groups created at that folder. Radio Settings of the Groups can also be modified.

  1. Navigate to Configure > WiFi > SSID.
  2. Launch the Navigator by clicking the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) at the upper left of the page.
  3. Click “Groups” at the bottom of the location pane.

  4. Select the Group where you would like to apply the configuration. The right side panel will display the SSIDs available here.

  5. Turn ON the required SSID(s).
  6. You can also modify the other configurations for the Group, such as the Radio Settings and Device Settings.

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