• Live Client Debugging on CloudVision Wi-Fi

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This article is step-by-step guide to collect client connectivity logs via CloudVision Wi-Fi, using Live Client Debugging. This feature is similar to the Connection Logs on Wireless Manager.

Live Client Debugging is useful to isolate the reason for Wi-Fi client connectivity problems in real-time. These logs show the exchange between AP and the client and can capture issues with authentication, authorization, IP address assignment, etc.


  • Administrative access to CloudVision Wi-Fi.
  • 802.11ac AP platform must be connected and active at the location where debugging will be performed.


  1. Access CloudVision Wi-Fi from the Launchpad and navigate to Monitor > Wi-Fi > Access Points and ensure that the APs are active.

  2. Go to the Clients tab, right-click the client in question and select “Start Live Client Debugging”.

  3. Live Client debugging menu will open in the right panel. Select the time duration, choose whether to discard or archive logs after timeout and then click on Start. If you select ‘Discard Logs’, the logs will be deleted after 30 minutes.

  4. A new tab will open on the browser and display the Client Connection Logs. These logs can be downloaded as text file by clicking on the download button. You can stop this session at any time by clicking the Stop button.

  5. You can also initiate this process at Troubleshoot > Live Client Debugging. Click ‘Start Live Client Debugging’ and then search for the client in question.


Step 4 showed an ideal exchange between a client and the AP. Below is a sample log showing the use of an incorrect WPA2 pre-shared key.

Note: Live Client Debugging logs can also be shared with the Arista Wi-Fi Support team while troubleshooting client connectivity issues.


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