• Quick and Easy vEOS Lab Setup (VMware or VirtualBox)

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A local vEOS lab is always helpful when trying out new features or validating configuration. So how would you like to be able to setup a 4-node spine/leaf virtual lab pictured below with one simple command?

user:packer-veos user$ ./create-veos.py -H virtualbox

And what if you wanted to try out the ZTPServer with this new set of nodes?

user:packer-ztpserver user$ ./create-ztpserver.py -H virtualbox -o fedora

This is possible with the help of the EOS+ Consulting Services Github projects:

Follow the READMEs at those individual repos to setup your virtual machines, but here’s a quick overview of the process.


The python script mentioned above will take care of a few different steps for you. It will download and install Packer, a tool used to create identical VMs with additional configuration. It will also modify/create virtual networks for the hypervisor you chose so that the vEOS interfaces connect to each other on isolated networks.


  • Python (tested with 2.7.9) – Python Download
  • Git
  • Hypervisor:
    • VMware Fusion: If using VMware Fusion you need the Professional version, or
    • VMware Workstation for Windows, or
    • VirtualBox
  • vEOS Source Files – Download using your Arista.com account
    • Arista vEOS-lab vmdk
    • Arista Aboot ISO

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