• Summary of Arista VxLAN Control Plane Options

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IP Multicast

Head End Replication (HER)

with static flood-set

CloudVision eXchange (CVX)

Ethernet VPN


– VTEPs within a VNI join a configured control plane multicast group.

– BUM traffic is sent to all VTEPs within the VNI over the configured multicast-group.

– Arista supports only multicast decapsulation to interop with third-party VTEP(s). HER will be used for BUM traffic encapsulation.  

– Underlay needs to be multicast capable which can possibly make the deployment limited.

– Recommended for deployments where Arista VTEPs need to interop with legacy third-party VTEPs that support only multicast underlay for BUM traffic handling.

– BUM traffic within a VNI is replicated and transmitted unicast to each of the VTEPs in the flood-list for that VNI.

– Replication carried out on the ingress VTEP.

– MAC address learning occurs via the standard flood and learn process.

– Flood-list needs to be manually configured on all the VTEPs.

– Flood-list needs to be edited on all the VTEPs when adding/removing VTEP(s).

– No requirement for IP multicast in the underlay.

– Recommended for small deployments where there’s a handful of VLANs and VTEPs, and in cases where flood-list changes are minimal.

– Locally learned MACs and VNI bindings are published to CVX.

– CVX dynamically distributes state to remote VTEPs.

– MAC address learning is via CVX control plane.

– Automated provisioning of each VTEP’s flood-list.

– No manual overhead of updating the flood-list when adding/removing VTEP(s).

– Reduction in flooded traffic, as there’s no flood and learn process.

– OVSDB support to allow easy integration with third-party controllers.

– HA Cluster support for resiliency.


– Recommended for both small and large deployments where manual flood-list configuration could be a overhead.

– Recommended for deployments where there’s a requirement to integrate with third-party controllers such as NSX, Nuage OpenStack, etc.,

– MP BGP is used to distribute local MAC address and MAC/IP bindings to VTEPs.

– HER is used for BUM traffic handling.

– Reduction in flooded traffic with ARP suppression in IRB mode. This facilitates more efficient use of underlay bandwidth.

– Dynamic MAC distribution, VNI learning and flood-list population; configuration can be BGP intensive.

– Support for third-party VTEP(s) with standards-based MP BGP approach.

– Operates outside the CVX model with distributed control plane (controller-less).

– Recommended for both small and large deployments where standards-based control plane is a requirement.



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