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This article covers support bundle generation and tips on how to present the bundles to Arista Support for further analysis. Support bundles are a collection show,bash commands and logs in CCF (Converged Cloud Fabric) and DMF (Danz Monitoring Fabric). Formerly known as BCF and BMF respectively.


How to collect a support bundle

CLI Commands

From the CLI perspective, You can use the CLI command “Support” to generate the support bundle.

BCF3-C1# support
Generating diagnostic data bundle for technical support. This may take several minutes...
Name : floodlight-support--BCF3-C1--2019-07-04--23-46-47--UTC--B3M5Aq.tar.gz
Size : 1.45GB
Fs path : /var/lib/floodlight/support/floodlight-support--BCF3-C1--2019-07-04--23-46-47--UTC--B3M5Aq.tar.gz
Url :


From the GUI. in the top tab you’ll see “visibility” , click the Support bundles options under this drop down tab.


From there you can see all of your generated support bundles. Click the + sign and then proceed with support bundle generation.

If the fabric is healthy enough to communicate, the support bundle will contain information from all controller nodes in the cluster as well as switches and managed devices. If the fabric is partitioned, it may be necessary to collect support bundles from the fabric components individually. support will issue warnings if it cannot collect info.


How to upload a support bundle

If you are running running BCF/CCF >=5.3, BMF/DMF >= 7.3  and the controller is connected to the Internet: Use Direct Support Bundle Upload. (please take note of the SBID after generation, Tac will require this information in order to locate/organize your SBID)

BCF>5.3, BMF>7.3: Use Direct Support Bundle Upload

Once you have collected the support bundle. Utilize the command “Upload support <insert file name>” . This will directly upload the support bundle to our servers for all engineers to access easy.


JS-LaughingNightingale-C1> upload support bsn-support--JS-LaughingNightingale-C1--2019-03-01--21-13-17Z--SENUC-B3MBP.tar.gz
Uploading diagnostic data bundle for technical support. If the upload process was interrupted, the upload can be restarted from the last checkpoint.
5: percent: 100% |************************************************************************->|
Name : bsn-support--JS-LaughingNightingale-C1--2019-03-01--21-13-17Z--SENUC-B3MBP.tar.gz
Status : upload-completed
Size bytes : 3563700
Duration ms : 504

Support Bundle Upload uses advanced techniques such as geo-acceleration, chunked uploads and automatic retries. It will thus usually be faster than uploading manually, especially from remote locations.

Optional: Enable Auto-Upload

If a setup requires frequent support bundles (e.g., a QA system), consider enabling auto-upload. This will cause any support bundle taken to be automatically uploaded.

JS-EcstaticAllen-C1> en
JS-EcstaticAllen-C1# conf
JS-EcstaticAllen-C1(config)# service
JS-EcstaticAllen-C1(config-service)# support auto-upload
Enabled diagnostic data bundle upload


You can also download the Support bundle to your local machine.

From the CLI Perspective the Support bundle generation provides as FS path, as well as the URL link.

  1. Using the URL link, you can Copy + paste the URL into your Web browser to download the support bundle yourself.
  2. With the FS Path, you may use SFTP/FTP to forward the Bundle to your local device.

Remember the GUI page mentioned before?

  1. Under the support bundles tab, you should see all the support bundles left on the fabric. Clicking the link of the support bundle will download it to your local machine as well.


Now to actually upload the support bundle manually, you have a few options.

  1. Upload the download bundle to the follow site. https://bsn-support.arista.com   (please make sure you list the case ID in the SB upload)
  2. Upload the bundle to the Case on the Arista Site. (Please note, depending on the size of the SB this may not be possible)
  3. Request a secure link from the TAC Engineer you are working with on your issue to upload your files to.

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