• Syslog Server Integration with CloudVision Wi-Fi

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This article describes how an external syslog server can be integrated with CloudVision Wi-Fi.


  • Access to CloudVision Wi-Fi
  • Information about the syslog server to integrate like IP address and port.
  • Cloud Integration Point device (if using Cognitive Wi-Fi cloud)


CloudVision Wi-Fi can be used as a cloud service or with on-premises Wireless Manager. Syslog server integration can be configured at System > Third-Party Servers > Syslog.


Check Enable Syslog Servers and click “Add” to input a new syslog destination.

If your syslog is on a public IP address, the integration is straightforward and you can enter the IP address, port and message format.

Choose whether to forward events or audit logs or both to the syslog destination.

On Wireless Manager, Syslog Integration can be configured at Configuration > ESM Integration > Syslog Integration.

If your syslog server is on a private IP address within your local network, you can still use syslog forwarding using Cloud Integration Point (CIP) but there are some prerequisites to be met.

Read more about Cloud Integration Point (CIP)

If you are using CloudVision Wi-Fi with on-premises Wireless Manager, CIP is not required and the same steps mentioned above can be followed to add a private IP based syslog destination.


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