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VxLAN DSCP Mapping

Description This feature allows selecting Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) and Traffic Class (TC) values for packets at VTEPs along VXLAN encapsulation and decapsulation directions respectively. DSCP is a field in IP Header and TC is a tag associated with a packet within the switch, both influence the Quality of Service the packet receives. This feature can be enabled via configuration as explained later in this document. In the encapsulation direction, an incoming packet from an edge port is encapsulated with a new IP and VXLAN header before being sent out to a remote VTEP via a core facing port....
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Static Flow Aware Transport support on EVPN VPWS

A pseudowire is usually transported over a single network path in order to preserve the packet ordering of each individual flow. This results in inefficient use of network bandwidth, when an ECMP path exists in the MPLS network. PW PE devices can append a FAT (Flow aware transport) label at the bottom-of-stack which includes hashing entropy from the inner L3/L4 headers (i.e. src/dst ip and port). The hashed FAT label value is unique per-flow (barring hashing collisions) and the flow label itself remains on the stack until it reaches the egress PW PE, where it is terminated along with the...
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MACsec configurable EAPoL destination MAC

Description Media Access Control Security (MACsec) is an industry-standard encryption mechanism that protects all traffic flowing on the Ethernet links. MACsec is based on IEEE 802.1X and IEEE 802.1AE standards. To establish a MACsec session, MACsec Key Agreement (MKA) is used to exchange the required keys between the peer nodes. MKPDUs are transmitted using Extensible Authentication Protocol over LAN (EAPoL) as a transport protocol. To support MACsec peers which are multiple hops away, EAPoL destination MAC is made configurable for MACsec MKA control packets. This configuration changes the destination MAC address for the MKA control packets from standard 01:80:C2:00:00:03 to...
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Send support-bundle CLI command

Description The send support-bundle feature adds a new CLI command which creates a ZIP file containing a useful set of logs and command outputs, and then writes it to either a local or remote destination specified by a CLI URL. When sending to a remote destination, the ZIP file will be created and streamed to the destination on-the-fly, saving local disk space. This feature provides convenience when collecting logs for a support ticket, and can be used without bash level access. Previously, there was also the logGrab script which accomplishes something similar, but requires access to bash to run and...
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EOS-4.26.1F TOI Index Page

VLAN-based Port Security Port-channel Minimum Speed Review and Retry Mechanism Mixed speed port channel Egress peer engineering using BGP-LU VxLAN DSCP Mapping Static Flow Aware Transport support on EVPN VPWS Configurable dynamic MAC learning limit threshold on 7800R3/7500R3/7280R3 MACsec configurable EAPoL destination MAC Send support-bundle CLI command 802.1X on Arista Switches Cos To Traffic-Class Map on SubInterfaces EVPN Centralized Anycast Gateway IS-IS multiple Instances BGP Link State (BGP-LS) Producer for IS-IS LSDB VxLAN Bridging & Routing Support on 7280R3/7500R3/7800R3 Series Transceiver Performance Monitoring and Enhanced Diagnostics IS-IS redistribute route count limiting L2 Protocol Forwarding Support for TapAgg GRE tunnel termination...
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