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No power supplies?

I have an Arista 7050S DCS-7050S-52 Hardware version: 01.06 Serial number: JPE13440847 System MAC address: 001c.7364.efed Software image version: 4.20.11M This is used in my lab environment right now. When I ‘show environment all’ I get back this: System temperature status is: Ok System cooling status is: Ok Ambient temperature: Unknown Config Actual Speed Stable Fan Status Speed Speed Uptime Stability Uptime — —— —— —— —— ——— —— % There seem to be no power supplies connected. Not sure why it doesn’t see fans or power supplies, but any help would be great!

Double tag on 7050S

Hi, I have a 7050S-52R (4.14.6M, inherited, we have no support contract) that receives a few vlans from our provider, that we use to connect with remote cities (We are an ISP). One of these VLANS has another VLAN encapsulated, that we need as a normal VLAN on another port, as following. The interface is configured as following: interface Ethernet1 description ARSAT-TEN load-interval 60 speed forced 10000full switchport trunk allowed vlan 100,110-114,120-121 switchport mode trunk On VLAN 112, we receive VLAN 25, inside, wich I need to trunk to another port of this switch. How can I acomplish this, if...
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