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Verbose counters on Arista 7130 series

Arista 7130 series running MOS can give very verbose counter output using the CLI or through API. Using CLI, there are two distinct commands to show the counters which are inside the device. To view them, one enters one of the following CLI commands: For the regular (non-verbose) counter view: show interface counters For the verbose counter view: show interface counters verbose [nonzero]   Counter naming Most counters have both a “line” and “host” side counter. These counters account for the side that is connected to the SFP – “line”, and another counter which is connected to the crosspoint –...
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Troubleshooting Metawatch

Working of Metawatch  Metawatch is an application (app) that runs on the Arista 7130 devices to perform highly accurate timestamping and aggregation across a large number of ports in a single device. The aggregated output is suited for feeding to an analytics application server or backend. The layer 1 functionality in Arista 7130 devices facilitates dynamic configuration of low latency bi-directional data paths with 5ns deterministic latency. Arista 7130 devices allow this data to be “tapped” with no impact on the performance of the pass through latency and passed to the Metawatch App for high-resolution time stamping, aggregation and buffering...
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