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dot1q-tunnel and spanning-tree loop

Hello, I’m trying to setup the following topology (Backbone is Arista 7280SR, Cust is Cisco N3K): Bacbone A =========== Backbone B || || || || || || || || || || Cust site A ========= Cust site B Cust is using some vlan, let’s say 100 to 200. We share some vlans for internal usages, let’s say 2 and 3. I’m q-in-qing all others vlan in let’s say vlan 10. So, here are conf for Backbone A and B to respectively Cust A and B: switchport trunk allowed vlan 2,3,10 switchport mode trunk switchport vlan mapping 100-200 dot1q-tunnel 10 spanning-tree...
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Failed samples – Does the sflow agent detect drops?

We would like to use as high sampling frequency as possible, i.e. going below the dangerous sampling rate limit of 16384. If the switch fails to sample a packet the sFlow protocol contains a counter for that, named drops. See struct flow_sample in https://sflow.org/sflow_version_5.txt Does the sflow agent detect drops?

Arista 7280SR BGP sflow on vlan interfaces

Hello, I am using BGP on Arista 7280SR, and the ip are on vlan interfaces (not sub-interfaces). I’d like to enable sflow and its BGP extension to see the traffic per-AS with AS-stats / elastiflow, although I cannot enter the following command, which is not available in interface vlan configuration mode. sflow enable Is it a limitation of the Jericho chip, EOS, or did I misunderstand the way I’m supposed to get BGP extension informations via sflow in my setup ? Thank you.

Enable PTP on Arista 7280SR

I am trying to enable PTP on an Arista 7280 SR. This is my current show version: localhost>show version Arista DCS-7280SR-48C6-R Hardware version: 11.00 Serial number: JPE16174621 System MAC address: 444c.a873.512f Software image version: 4.19.8M Architecture: i386 Internal build version: 4.19.8M-8840164.4198M Internal build ID: c419af27-06da-4a41-b1c3-567309a30ade Uptime: 48 minutes Total memory: 7760816 kB Free memory: 5734108 kB Upon trying to setup a ptp on the current platform I get an “Unavailable command” message: localhost(config)#ptp % Unavailable command (not supported on this hardware platform)


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