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Info for the 7368-16S line card

Hello all. I am looking for info for the 7368-16S line card for the 7368X4 switch. Is there any documentation on its interface capabilities and port pool info like there is for the other line cards for this switch like found here: https://eos.arista.com/eos-4-24-2f/7368×4-interface-configuration-and-behavior/ Thank you for your assistance.

DCS-7368X4 Series Linecard Management

Description EOS-4.24.1 introduces Linecard management changes in the DCS-7368X4 series. In this release, the DCS-7368 is functionally similar to other Arista modular systems with respect to Linecard management. Pre-EOS-4.24.1, the DCS-7368X4 assumed all interfaces to be present even though some Linecards may be unplugged. The EOS-4.24.1 introduces support for following Linecards: “7368-16C”, “7368-4D”, “7368-4P”. Platform compatibility DCS-7368X4 Configuration No configuration changes required. Show Commands “show module” (known as BUG279630 in previous release notes) Before 4.24.1F : supervisor shows 130 ports, all others 0 Module Ports Card Type Model Serial No. ----------- ----- ------------------------- ---------- ----------- 1 130 Supervisor 7368 7368-SUP-D...
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