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802.1X with device certificates

We have several types of switches (7050, 7010, 7020) with and have the requirement for 802.1X authentication with device certificates, not MAC based. Is it possible? I have found only information about mac bases auth or radius for login Our not working config until now: interface Ethernet47 switchport access vlan 10 dot1x pae authenticator dot1x authentication failure action traffic allow vlan 11 dot1x reauthentication dot1x port-control auto dot1x reauthorization request limit 3 in the log files always: %DOT1X-3-SUPPLICANT_FAILED_AUTHENTICATION_AFVLAN: Supplicant with identity host/FQDN MAC xxxx.xxxx.xxxx and dynamic VLAN 10 failed authentication on port Ethernet47. The supplicant will be put in...
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Troubleshooting RADIUS Authentication/Authorization Issues

Introduction Arista Access Points offer several authentication methods for client connectivity, including the use of external authentication servers to support WPA2-Enterprise. This article outlines Dashboard configuration to use a RADIUS server for WPA2-Enterprise authentication, RADIUS server requirements and basic troubleshooting of RADIUS authentication. Prerequisites All Arista APs must be added as RADIUS clients on the RADIUS server. It is recommended that a static IP assignment or a DHCP fixed IP assignment should be used on the APs. Corresponding user authentication policies must be in place on the RADIUS server. Feature Description WPA2-Enterprise with 802.1x authentication can be used to authenticate...
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MAC based authentication vlan assignment

Hi, I’m setting up a network where we want to use MAC auth on the edge ports (i.e. only specific MACs will be allowed access to the network) and I want to be able to assign the MAC address to a specific vlan. In another vendor I’ve done the same sort of thing using a mac-based vlan with a RADIUS back end – the RADIUS server returns the vlan that the mac should be associated with. Is this possible in Arista’s implementation of .1x? I can’t find any documentation on doing this. Any help appreciated.

7010T 802.1x Authentication Requests using Management Interface in Separate VRF

I would like to source all dot1x authentication requests for ports in the default/root vrf in a 7010T-48 Arista switch using the Management interface which is part of a separate VRF named Mgmt. If I source a ping using the command “ping vrf Mgmt ” it is reachable 100% of the time, but authentication requests never make it to the radius server. If I move the Management interface back to the default/root VRF (basically remove the command “vrf forwarding Mgmt” from the management interface”, then dot1x requests make it to the Radius server. Does anyone know if this is a...
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