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Match ECN bits in Mirroring and Security ACLs

Description Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) is an IP and TCP extension that facilitates end-to-end network congestion notification without dropping packets. ECN recognizes early congestion and sets flags that signal affected hosts. The ECN field in the IP header (bits 6 and 7 in the IPv4 TOS or IPv6 traffic class octet) advertises ECN capabilities: 00 – Non ECN-capable transport, non-ECT 01 – ECN-capable transport, ECT(1) 10 – ECN-capable transport, ECT(0) 11 – Congestion encountered, CE Support has been added to match ECN bits in both Mirroring and Security ACLs (IPv4 and IPv6). This will allow these ACLs to distinguish between...
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DANZ Tap Aggregation – Filtering on inner Q-in-Q header, and stripping outer header – At the same time

  This article documents the ability, for the Arista 7150S in Tap Aggregation mode, to selectively filter on inner Q-in-Q header, and also strip the outer  header on egress, effectively allowing a granular selection of what Q-tagged traffic tools will be receiving. Let’s take as traffic example some Q-in-Q traffic: Outer Q-header (Eth-type 0x88a8) – STAG – VLAN ID = 100 Inner Q-header (Eth-type 0x8100) – CTAG – VLAN ID = 101, 102   Packet capture example for this Q-in-Q traffic:   7150S(config)#bash sudo tcpdump -nni mirror0 [...] 22:23:44.040896 00:ab:00:00:02:23 > 00:1c:73:86:00:69, ethertype 802.1Q-QinQ (0x88a8), length 1020: vlan 100, p...
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Tap Aggregation – Filtering with Port ACLs

  1) Introduction   This article details the filtering of traffic across the Tap Aggregator by using port ACL. The filters allow granular selection of Layer2, Layer3, and Layer4 traffic on a per-port basis. The following other features might also be of interest, but are out of scope of this article: VLAN membership filters Traffic Steering   2) Filtering Overview   The well known MAC and IP Access-List filtering is used to filter traffic in Tap Aggregation mode, just like it does in switching mode. The Layer2/3/4 ACLs can be applied on Tap ports, ingress on Tool ports, egress  ...
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Restricting access to the switch

In this article we demonstrate how you can enable your Arista switch to restrict access to various network services. By default, Arista EOS implements a control-plane ACL to restrict the packets going to the CPU.  This is done for security purposes, but in its default configuration is very permissive.  As such, it is recommended that the sources which can access the switch be restricted using the methods described below. To view the default ACL issue the following command: Arista#sh ip access-lists default-control-plane-acl IP Access List default-control-plane-acl [readonly] statistics per-entry 10 permit icmp any any [match 4, 11 days, 20:46:23 ago]...
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