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ansible authentication problem

Hi I am using ansible playbook to fetch the details of arista switch, but i am getting below error. How can i resolve this ? fatal: []: FAILED! => {“msg”: “paramiko: The authenticity of host ‘’ can’t be established.\nThe ssh-rsa key fingerprint is a0b2c0af442e297ea6ae910d738b0959.”}

Enterprise Internet Routing

Overview The objective of this document is to cover the most common Enterprise Internet Routing use case. The information provided here is based on two Arista switches peering with two ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) for redundancy. There are many other valid deployment models that are not covered in this document. Terminology BGP – Border Gateway Protocol ISP – Internet Service Provider BGP Peering – a session between two BGP routers that allows exchange of routes Full Internet Routing Table – all public routes on the Internet AS – Autonomous System – defines domain boundaries IGP – Interior Gateway Protocol EGP...
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how to build RPM for arista vEOS

I have build RPM file with HelloWorld program. It is getting installed on vEOS, But when I am trying to run with exec /usr/bin/HelloWorld.py then it is giving error file is not executable. Can you please share SPEC file to create RPM file, steps to create RPM & execute on the vEOS?

Arista’s 7516-R power scheme redundancy

Hello team ,   Can someone help me to get the below information on urgent basis. # Arista’s power scheme redundancy for their 7500R – 16 slot chassis ? Quick response would be appreciated.

Unable to call splunk-forwarder

Hi All, I installed both splunkforwarder-6.6.2-4b804538c686.i386.rpm and AristaAppForSplunk-1.3.1.swix on Arista 7280 and 4.18.0F software image version. I checked using “show installed-extensions” and both plugins are shown. But it complains of “Invalid input” when I issue “splunk-forwarder”. I issued “show splunk-forwarder” and it says that Administrative Status: shutdown and Operational Status: disabled (no splunk-servers configured). I have also issued “management api http-commands”, “protocol http” and “no shutdown”. How can I get splunkforwarder enabled and running on Arista switch? Thank you in advance.

Palo Alto / Arista LAG HOWTO

This is a quick guide on configuring a LAG (802.1ad LACP) between a PAN-5060 firewall and an Arista switch. * *Pre-requisite: PANOS 6.1 or above PAN Cli config:  set network interface aggregate-ethernet ae1 layer2 lacp enable yes set network interface ethernet ethernet1/3 aggregate-group ae1 set network interface ethernet ethernet1/4 aggregate-group ae1 set network interface aggregate-ethernet ae1 layer2 units ae1.100 tag 100 set address ip-netmask set network profiles interface-management-profile Trust https yes set network profiles interface-management-profile Trust ssh yes set network profiles interface-management-profile Trust snmp yes set network profiles interface-management-profile Trust ping yes set network interface vlan units vlan.100...
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MLAG “Orphan Ports”

Hi, I wanted to know if MLAG has the same issue as Cisco’s VPC. Specially regarding “Orphan Ports”? If so how do the Arista switches deal with this?   Thank you, Victor


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