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How to find mac id of comput on fedora linux

I have mac I’d of compute which is directly connected to switch even I have done basic troubleshooting on physical layer and when I execute sh mac address pipe in 84cg but unable to showing mac. So anyone have idea how to find mac I’d in fedora Linux

ECCN codes for Arista products

Hello! I am looking for ECCN codes for two Arista products: Prod – Name Prod – Part Number Arista DCS-7048T-A-F DCS-7048T-A-F Arista DCS-7124SX-F DCS-7124SX-F These are the switches and I can’t find any information what ECCN codes they have. It is important when it comes to export of the goods.

Arista’s 7516-R power scheme redundancy

Hello team ,   Can someone help me to get the below information on urgent basis. # Arista’s power scheme redundancy for their 7500R – 16 slot chassis ? Quick response would be appreciated.

Public Access Arista Switch?

Hi, I am trying to find a real Arista switch that is publicly accessible to further regression test our software package. I need to test all of my socket poll, fail, and retry timers. vEOS has been working great, but I was hoping to try the package up against a switch that has some Internet serialization/propagation delay. Thank you much in advance, Mike Cotrone


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