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Troubleshooting RADIUS Authentication/Authorization Issues

Introduction Arista Access Points offer several authentication methods for client connectivity, including the use of external authentication servers to support WPA2-Enterprise. This article outlines Dashboard configuration to use a RADIUS server for WPA2-Enterprise authentication, RADIUS server requirements and basic troubleshooting of RADIUS authentication. Prerequisites All Arista APs must be added as RADIUS clients on the RADIUS server. It is recommended that a static IP assignment or a DHCP fixed IP assignment should be used on the APs. Corresponding user authentication policies must be in place on the RADIUS server. Feature Description WPA2-Enterprise with 802.1x authentication can be used to authenticate...
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How do I Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Launchpad?

Introduction Two-factor authentication is an authentication process in which the user provides two means of identification. One of these is usually a username and password, while the second factor is typically a one-time password (OTP), which may be sent to the user via email or generated by an authenticator application. The user will be allowed to log in only when both factors are provided correctly. As an Administrator, you can enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your organization via Launchpad, with the option to enforce it for all users, or allow users to choose whether to enable it for their individual...
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