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vEOS support of BGP EVPN multidomain

Hello, I’m trying to configure EVPN multidomain in the vEOS based lab (version 2.6.23M). I have DC1 – GW1 – GW2 – DC2. I started with Layer 2 service. Is that supported on vEOS?  I can configure everything as in the eos article: Multi-Domain EVPN VXLAN Just instead of asymmetric IRB, I use symmetric. The problem appears that the MAC-IP route is correctly advertised from LEAF1 => GW1, then GW1 => GW2 advertise it, but does not change the next hop…and as I understand, it should :) So maybe its because of vEOS? :) Follows MAC-IP route on GW1 dc1-bleaf1(config-macvrf-102)#sh...
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