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Stage – BGPMAINEXIT Failing

Hi All,   Recently, i have initiated a software upgrade activity through Cloud Vision Portal. Following was the staging procedure on a cabinet – in which we have two Switches in MLAG peer.   Staging Procedure :   Pre Configuration Snapshot Checking MLAG Health Entering BGP Maintenance Upgrade the EOS Existing BGP Maintenance Post Configuration Snapshot First Stage of Pre Configuration Snapshot is successful. For the second stage to be successful, i had to re configure the reload delay under MLAG from 60 – 300. With value of 60, Stage is failing. Stage 3 is also successful , where in...
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BGP Maintenance Failing

We are planning to upgrade the Arista 7160 Series switches to a newer code. We tried following from CVP:   Checking MLAG Health – Successful Enter BGP – Failed Reason – Interface Port-channel (Ethernet 31 and Ethernet 32) Traffic was not reduced as per the threshold in given time. Port-channel 2000 (Ethernet 31 and Ethernet 32) are the MLAG links which connects to Peer Switch. Switches are on software version 4.24.5M and they are in production. I can see BGP entering in to Maintenance but not the interfaces.. couple of interface keeps on showing the traffic threshold violation.   Please...
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