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Using tcpdump for Troubleshooting

What is tcpdump? tcpdump is a command line packet sniffer (built into Linux) that is used to assist in troubleshooting network problems. Any traffic coming to or from the control plane of the Arista is visible when running the tcpdump utility on the Arista.  This does not include data plane traffic transiting the Arista switch.  For capturing data plane traffic, Arista supports monitoring/SPAN ports which copies hardware-forwarded traffic to a sniffer or to other suitable capture device for analysis.  You can also mirror to the CPU depending on platform and EOS image (https://eos.arista.com/eos-4-24-0f/mirroring-to-cpu-on-7050-7060-7260-7368-7300-and-720xp-series/).   How do I use tcpdump to...
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