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Question about Control Plane and Data Plane.

Hello everyone,   I have some questions about Control Plane and Data Plane.   As far as I know the Control Plane makes the RIB(Routing Information Base) through static route and routing protocol. The Control Plane then creates a FIB consisting of only the best path and we call the FIB a routing table. This is software based, and uses the CPU.   The Data Plane forwards the data packets between incoming and outgoing interface connections. The Data Plane need to provide a high speed and low latency path. To achieve this, the Data Plane implementation is in hardware.  ...
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Default Control Plane ACL Explained

Explaining the default Control Plane ACL- Control-plane traffic is defined as the traffic that is destined to or sourced from the CPU. An access-list applied to the control-plane traffic is called the control-plane ACL. By default, every Arista switch comes configured with a control-plane ACL, named ‘default-control-plane-acl’, which cannot be modified (read-only). To add to the control-plane ACL, you should create a new ACL and apply it to the control-plane (see next section). When customizing the default CP-ACL, be wary of removing original rules which could negatively impact necessary traffic on your network. Please see the Caveats section as examples....
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EVPN Control-Plane support for VxLAN

Just wondering if there is EVPN Control-Plan extensions planned for support (and when) with VxLAN Leaf devices like ahem, other vendor’s are doing.  Stretched fabrics (over wan) are becoming popular as an escape from OTV and prior ilk are where this seems most relevant, and something I’m seeing interest in where flood control can/should be most relevant.


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