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CVP HA Deployment Guide

Introduction This document describes high availability deployment scenarios and best practices for Arista CloudVision Portal (CVP). The guide is intended for network architects and engineers who are planning, designing, or implementing an on-premises deployment of CVP. Scope In Scope CVP version 2020.2.x/2020.3.x/2021.1.x On-premises deployment CVP virtual appliance CVP physical appliance Single-site Multi-site Disaster recovery Out of Scope Cloud-based deployment CloudVision as a Service (CVaaS) CVP virtual appliance in the public cloud Detailed implementation steps (refer to the CVP user guide on arista.com) CloudVision Exchange (CVX) Deployment Models Arista offers the on-premises CVP platform in both a virtual and physical form...
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CVP cluster failure

What happens if all CVP node goes down ? will my fabric still be running ? what happend if all CVX node goes down ? will my VXLAN still functioning ?


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