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How to retrieve routing tables from CVP API?

Greetings. Our switches run TerminAttr and ocprometheus which exposes a subset of metrics to Prometheus. Only the Prometheus server and CVP have access to the switch management interface. Occasionally we would like to audit the routing tables of our switches. They are present in CVP under Device > Routing > IPv4 Routing Table, and there we even have the ability to perform a .csv export for a given vrf. I would like to programmatically download the routing tables of my switches, as already available on CVP web interface, notably to check for any incorrect BGP publication. Is there a way...
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Image upgrades using Change Control Templates

Is it possible to use the new Change Control templates to create a template that upgrades all MLAG leaf pairs in parallel, with both MLAG peers in the same stage? We’ve read the TOI and tried it out in CVP, but it does not seem that it is possible to add the actual “Image Upgrade” task for both leafs in the same stage.  (We can add the “Check MLAG health” for both MLAG peers, but the Task/TaskID (Image Upgrade) can only be added once pr. stage.) We want to end up with something like we have in the attached picture,...
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Error upgrading CVP tp latest version

I am currently running the latest versions of CVP, Cloud builder and Arista IPAM. This is a single node VM lab system using vEOS. I have verified in the release notes that all version of CVP, cloud builder, vEOS, telemetry etc are correct and no tasks or change control is running and all device under provisioning are in sync. Ive used the cloud builder portion to create my EVPN fabric fine, now i want to upgrade so i can use CVP studio. The error i see when running the upgrade are as follwos it appears its looking for the latest...
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CVP Purge Telemetry Data

Is there a way to purge the telemetry data from CVP.  I have a lab deployment that has a smaller drive assigned assigned to CVP ~ 150 GB.  The disk keeps filling up with telemetry data and the auto purge function does not seem to be working.  Can I manually or through a cron job periodically purge the telemetry data, so I don’t run out of disk space?

AAA Providers – OAUTH and SAML Support

AAA Providers allow users to create and log in to CloudVision with a provider of their choosing. There are two types of providers: OAuth and SAML. Each has their own configurations and requires different information/setup to create the provider. In the 2021.2.0 release, SAML support is available as a beta feature. Requirements To create and edit SAML Providers, the “SAML Providers (Beta)” toggle must be enabled in General Settings > Features. The device must have internet access. The user must be registered with and have access to credentials specific to their provider for the creation of the OAuth or SAML...
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CVP Cluster Network Size

What is the minimum recommended size for the CVP Internal Cluster Network (overlay)?  I know it defaults to a /16, but that seems excessive for a 3 node cluster.  Can a smaller network size safely be specified?  I realize this is a private network that doesn’t need to be routed; it only needs to be accessible by the cluster interfaces, but would still like to specify a range that doesn’t overlap with other production networks.

CVP HA Deployment Guide

Introduction This document describes high availability deployment scenarios and best practices for Arista CloudVision Portal (CVP). The guide is intended for network architects and engineers who are planning, designing, or implementing an on-premises deployment of CVP. Scope In Scope CVP version 2020.2.x/2020.3.x/2021.1.x On-premises deployment CVP virtual appliance CVP physical appliance Single-site Multi-site Disaster recovery Out of Scope Cloud-based deployment CloudVision as a Service (CVaaS) CVP virtual appliance in the public cloud Detailed implementation steps (refer to the CVP user guide on arista.com) CloudVision Exchange (CVX) Deployment Models Arista offers the on-premises CVP platform in both a virtual and physical form...
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CVP multisite

Hi Team, Let’s say I have CVP cluster (Active) in one site and another CVP cluster (Standby) in another site which together are Telemetry destination for all sites of customer. I’m curious to know how failure scenario’s are tackled. For example, How configuration is sync’d between two clusters How clusters detect each other failure. If Active CVP cluster is down, how standby CVP cluster take over? Let’s say if a site loses access to Active CVP cluster but has reachability to standby CVP cluster, how to avoid split-brain scenario. Is this failure scenario valid? Also, do you mind sharing some...
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CVP user with privilege to push commands

I have CloudVision Portal version 2020.2.0 and I need to monitor it with a user different than root. How can I configure a new user with privileges to push commands like “cvpi -v = 3 status all”

Can we manage 3 L3LS DC from a single CVP cluster

Hello Friends, I am building 3 DC with L3LS architecture, where we will have 3 different CVX cluster in 3 DC. My question is can we manage 3 DC from a single CVP cluster from any of the DC. If yes, then what are the pros and cons.   Regards, Kishan

CVP setup stuck in “still waiting for…” phase

Dear community, I’m trying to setup CPV 2021.1.0 on an ESXi host via OVA (Single Node). After applying the mandarotry information and hitting (a)pply the process starts but quickly comes to halt at “still waiting for coredns clickhouse dispatcher […] … (total 146)”. This goes on for hours and is reproducible. Does it mean, something is wrong with DNS (which I didn’t configure, as its optional) or does the order of services not indicate what’s currently processed? Is this some known behavior anybody has a fix for? I’m currently downloading the 2020.3 release to check if that works… Thank you...
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Is direct upgrade of CVP is possible from 2018.5.1 to 2020.2.1

Hello Members, One of my client is running on CVP 2018.5.1, they want us to upgrade their CVP to 2020.2.1. I have few doubts regarding the upgrade If direct upgrade is possible from 2018.5.1 to 2020.2.1 ? If yes, then redirect me from where I can have the step by step procedure. If not then, what should be the path to upgrade ? I have seen system cpu, ram and disk requirement of CVP2020 is different then 2018. So, is it possible first upgrade then add resources to the VM or we need to add the resources 1st then proceed...
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CVP Upgrade from 2018.1.4 to 2020.2.0

Hello Members, One of my client is looking to upgrade CVP from 2018.1.4 to 2020.2.0. We have never done CVP upgrade in past and I am having few doubts on the upgrade process Can we go direct from 2018.1.4 to 2020.2.0, or there is intermediate version we need to upgrade before the desired version ? I have checked and found system requirement for 2018.1.4 and 2020.2.0 is different, so will we be able to upgrade 1st and then increase vcpu, ram and disk space ? Someone, suggested to build a new cluster with 2020.2.0 and onboard switches and cvx in...
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I have questions about CVP and CVW NTP.

Hi, The current situation is that three cloud vision units are clustered and cvw capabilities are up. cvp has a synchronized ntp, so cvp on the web has a good time. However, cvw has a UTC time zone, so the log times do not match. I have a question here. 1. Are CVW time-related settings dependent on CVP? Or is it possible to set it separately in CVW? 2. The timezone in CVW is UTC, can I change it to Asia/Seoul time zone? If you can change it, please tell me how. 3. Does changing time-related settings affect clustering or...
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Couldn’t Find Any Connected Device In TAB Cloud Tracer

Hi, All Hope you always in good and health condition.   Anyway, i have some problem to monitor our own device into cloud-tracer. I couldn’t find any connection device in search column. I put the capture on the attachment file. However i have done to configure the monitoring connection into the device i would like to monitor.   Could you have help us to resolve the issue?   Thank in advance     Regards     Robma Bayu

CVP Telemetry for non-Arista devices

Hi All, Quick question on Telemtry part, I understand CVP uses Telemetry protocol and gets data stored in Sysdb of Arista switches. Wondering, can Telemetry be supported for non-Arista devices which support gRPC protocol. If it is supported, what kind of licenses to be purchased If not supported, what functionalities that CVP can offer to non-Arista devices and what license to be procured for this   Thanks in advance

CVP DR design

Wondering, where can I get more design options for CVP disaster recovery design. Let’s say I have CVP VM’s hosted in one site and how do I make sure that data is recovered in new sites in case of disaster. I am think some options like SRM from VMware but any inbuilt features will be appreciated If I have CVP’s hosted in multiple sites, can I manage them using single global UI ? Is this feature available or in pipeline? Thanks in advance.

BFD session telemetry

Description BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection) session telemetry allows for the collection of per-session statistics as well as rbfd kernel module statistics to be automatically collected at a set interval and stored in shared memory where Cloud Vision Portal (CVP) or other applications may gather them.  Previously, this information was only available to the user via execution of several CLI show-commands.  In addition, several new statistics have been added which are updated within the session-stats interval and provide a finer “snapshot” view of session health than the previously-available session lifetime statistics.  This feature supports both hardware-accelerated and software (kernel module) accelerated...
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Omnibox for in-product search

This TOI covers the new Omnibox feature released in 2020.3.0 The Omnibox allows users to search across all sections in Cloudvision from anywhere in the app. Search results from different sections are listed and refined as more keywords are added to the query. Selecting a result will navigate to the corresponding section of Cloudvision. There are two ways to access the omnibox. At the top-right of the navigation bar, there is a search icon that will open the omnibox when clicked. Alternatively, inputting the Command ⌘ + K or the Control + K keyboard shortcuts (pressing both keys at once) will open...
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CloudVision Event Guide

Contents Overview CloudVision Portal Events Streaming Analytics Error CVE Bug Exposed Change Control Failed Change Control Running Change Control Succeeded Clock Not Synchronized Anomaly in CloudTracer Latency CVX Disconnection Low Disk Partition Space Available Disk Partition Usage Approaching Threshold Packet Loss Detected for CloudTracer Host High CPU Load High CPU Utilization High QSFP DOM Temperature High QSFP DOM Voltage High SFP DOM Temperature High SFP DOM Voltage Interface Went Down Unexpectedly Interface Went Down Expectedly Unexpected Link Change Expected Link Change Tunnel Interface Went Down EOS Version Change High Interface Alignment Errors Abnormally Large Frames Abnormally Small Frames High Interface...
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