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I have questions about CVP and CVW NTP.

Hi, The current situation is that three cloud vision units are clustered and cvw capabilities are up. cvp has a synchronized ntp, so cvp on the web has a good time. However, cvw has a UTC time zone, so the log times do not match. I have a question here. 1. Are CVW time-related settings dependent on CVP? Or is it possible to set it separately in CVW? 2. The timezone in CVW is UTC, can I change it to Asia/Seoul time zone? If you can change it, please tell me how. 3. Does changing time-related settings affect clustering or...
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How to Configure Alerts in CloudVision WiFi

Introduction This article will give you a brief idea about configuring Alerts in CloudVision WiFi. An alert provides a means to notify network admins of network events that need their attention. Alerts can be configured at individual locations in the hierarchy. If an alert is configured at the parent location, the same alert configuration will be inherited by the child location unless the administrator creates a different alert configuration at the child location. Prerequisites Administrator access to CloudVision WiFi CloudVision WiFi should be on version 2.3 or higher. Solution A network admin should be able to configure the following alerts...
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