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Layer 2 Data Center Interconnect – Reference Designs

Introduction VxLAN is a popular choice for extending Layer 2 both intra and inter DC using overlays. Arista offers multiple control plane choices for VxLAN: Static HER, CVX and EVPN. In this article, two approaches to designing a L2 DCI over a L3 underlay are discussed. High-level technical details of each design approach is described first, followed by a comparison of the two options along with their typical use cases. Design 1: Multi-domain Overlay In this design, two overlay domains are identified: DC Fabric domain: This is the VxLAN domain within the DC Layer 3 Leaf-Spine Fabric with Leafs acting...
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Arista Data Center Interconnect Solutions – Next-Generation 7500R 200G Coherent DWDM Platform

Introduction The latest smartphone app, mobile game, instant messaging tool or video sharing site hits the media, and all of a sudden everyone over the age of 20 discovers what the under-20’s have known for a while and download, install, use and share it. This trend repeats and repeats. This is the modern world of mobile, cloud networks and mega-scale datacenters. Keeping up with the latest trends is not just a problem for those old enough to remember texting with numeric keypads but also for the operators of these datacenters.   More content, in more locations and at significantly faster...
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ARP replies in a VxLAN plus routing Data Center Inter-connect deployment

Overview VxLAN and routing with DCI inter-connect can cause ARP issues with VLAN segment extensions between datacenters. The goal of this article is to outline the issue relating to ARP replies with VxLAN routing and VARP. We will show the use of a workaround today (recommended) and how the new ARP-Reply feature will resolve the problem.  This feature will be introduced in later version of EOS. The date will be announced in the future. Issue: VxLAN with the directing routing model for DCI will requires a unique VARP MAC address per DC. This is needed when  when there are two...
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