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ISIS L1 Default Route

I built a basic GNS3 Lab to get a better understanding of ISIS.  I come from a BGP/OSPF background but we might be overtaking a network running ISIS and wanted to familiarize myself with it.  I have 4 routers setup, R1 and R2 are L2 routers simulating my datacenter (area 0), R3 is a L1L2 router simulating a pop site (ABR), and R4 is a L1 router simulating a PE (normal area).  Everything is working with the exception I was expecting a default route be injected in the L1 database as L2 routes are not advertised to L1 routers.  I...
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Management Port DHCP & Default Route

Hi Guys, I’m using DHCP on the management port of our switches but it isn’t installing a default route when it picks up the address. Is there something I can do to make this happen? Is it a bug? a feature? a misconfiguration on my end? I would really love DHCP to install the default route for our use case. The device is running EOS 4.21.5F.


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