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How to add Veth pairs to Arista CEOS containers?

Hello, I’m setting up a virtual lab with containerized EOS (CEOS, cEOS-lab-4.21.6F.tar.tar) Arista switches. I’m able to add interfaces to the containers using the below command: docker network create l1-s1 (Leaf-1 to Spine-1) docker network connect l1-s1 leaf-1 docker network connect l1-s1 spine-1 1. The above command creates a Linux bridge(l1-s1) and attaches interfaces from the leaf and spine switch to it. 2. I want to do the same using Veth pairs. It’s not working. ip link add eth0-r type veth peer name verth-r(Attach eth0-r to leaf-1 and veth0-r spine-1) 3. From the Arista Warrior book, I understand Veth pairs...
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