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UCMP support with eBGP multihop

We have 2 routers R1 and R2 with 4 links between them, we want to use BGP for exchanging routes between the two routers. We would like to establish a single BGP session between the 2 routers and not configure multiple BGP sessions using the physical IP addresses on the 2 links connecting the 2 routers. lo — R1 === R2 — lo We are hoping to use eBGP multi-hop feature. We have a requirement to load balance the traffic to the prefixes behind R1 using different weights that are assigned to the links. router bgp 1 neighbor {...
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Border leaf functionality shift

Hi We have small DC setup with 3 Racks where Leaf-1 and Leaf-2 are in same Rack-1 which are also acting as a Border leaf for N-S traffic. We want to make Leaf-3 (rack-2) as a Border Leaf-2 for Rack level redundancy. Current Setup: Rack-1: Leaf-1 & 2 Server leaf + (Leaf-1 acting as BL-1 and Leaf-2 as BL-2) Rack-2: Leaf-3 & 4 Server leaf Rack-3: Leaf-5 & 6 Server leaf Propose Setup: Rack-1: Leaf-1 & 2 Server leaf + (Leaf-1 acting as BL-1) Rack-2: Leaf-3 & 4 Server leaf + (Leaf-3 acting as BL-2) Rack-3: Leaf-5 & 6 Server...
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MLAG+1Uplink router +ebgp

HI all let’s say we have a similar topology like the one above in which we have 2 arista switches forming a mlag peership between them and on the other side we just have 1 uplink router connected to both switches. is it possible to configure the router with a portchannel connected to both arista while running 2 different eBGP sessions one of each towards each arista? can this x2 eBGP sessions be runnig over the same vlan? let’s say svi1 on sw1, svi2 on sw2, svi3 on router port-channel sharing the same lan. If so, should that vlan be...
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EBGP vs IBGP on Spine to Leaf deployment

Hi, I wanted to know what is the advantage in using EBGP over IBGP in Spine and Leaf deployment. For example instead of having my Spines in one AS and then having each Leaf I deploy in it’s own AS and run EBGP why can’t I just run IBGP and use one single AS for both my Spine and all the Leaf I deploy. Issues such Next-hop unchanged will be corrected by making all my spines route-reflectors. Thank you, Victor


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