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SSID profile – encryption change tkip to aes

Hello all, we have an SSID profile configured with 802.1x authentication (Windows NPS). The customer started to receive a message that the WiFi network is not secured. After logging in to the SSID, it can be seen that TKIP is used as a cipher, which has not been secure for a long time. I can’t find where to change the encryption to AES .. Can anyone advise? I can’t find it anywhere in the Security SSID profile configuration. Thanks a lot. ondrej

CVP TIP – Encrypt local username passwords with Configlet Builder

Introduction   Arista CloudVision Portal (CVP) uses configlets to create configuration snippets for individual or groups of switches based on user selection. These configlets can be either static or dynamic. Static configlets include static EOS CLI configuration statements as if they were right on the switch configuration file. These configlets are used to create the full configuration for the network switches. An example of a static configlet in Arista CloudVision Portal: Below example is a static Arista EOS CLI configuration. These small pieces of configuration snippets can be applied as configlets in Network Provisioning view to selected device or devices....
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