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AS Ranges for Dynamic BGP Peer Groups

BGP neighbors, or peers, are initiated by configuration commands that cause BGP to establish TCP connections with other BGP speakers.  Dynamic neighbors are established by creating a listen range and accepting incoming connections from neighbors within that address range.  Dynamic neighbors must be configured using a dynamic peer group, which defines attributes for all neighbors associated with the listen range.  A BGP listen range has so far allowed exactly 1 remote AS number to be specified for acceptable incoming connections. The AS Ranges for Dynamic Peer Groups feature introduces a flexible means of specifying multiple, allowable remote AS numbers for...
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802.1br-E/VN Tag Stripping

This article describes a Tap Aggregation feature to strip IEEE 802.1BR E-Tag and Cisco VN-Tag headers from all tagged packets received on any tap interface before delivering them to tool interfaces. Untagged packets are unaffected. This feature may be useful for third-party tools and/or packet analyzers which cannot parse these headers. Platform Compatibility DCS-7280E/R series DCS-7500E/R series Configuration By default, Arista switches do not strip BR-E/VN tags from ingress packets. BR-E/VN tag stripping is globally configured for Tap Aggregation. The feature allows a choice of stripping both or either of the tags. To enable BR E-Tag stripping add the following configuration: Arista(config)#tap aggregation Arista(config-tap-agg)#encapsulation dot1br strip To enable...
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Arista EOS 4.18.1F – Transfer of Information

Arista 7500R/7280R/7500E/7280E Specific Features VXLAN Indirect Routing on 7500R, 7280(E/R) series LANZ support on 7500R, 7280(E/R) Series 25/50G support on 7500R, 7280(E/R) Series Sampled Mirroring IPv6 decap support Coherent Modulation Formats and 7500R-8CFPX-LC SNMP MIB support for ‘show hardware capacity’ on 7500E, 7250X, 7300X, 7320X, 7060X Series Tap Aggregation Specific Features Stripping VN tag and 802.1br tag Packet TimeStamping Limitations and Caveats Packet Truncation UDF based Traffic Steering Arista 7250X/7300X/7320X Specific Features SVI blocking for RACLs Control WRED threshold for non-ECT packets IPv6 decap support Vxlan IPv6 Overlay routing support SNMP MIB support for ‘show hardware capacity’ on 7500E, 7250X, 7300X, 7320X,...
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