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CVP telemetry data to external NMS

Hi I’m looking for an option to forward telemetry data collected in CVP to my external system (for further analysis) I found similar question from 2019 (https://eos.arista.com/forum/forwarding-telemetry-data-from-cvp-to-external-system/) but the link to github in response doesn’t work. Generally I want to monitor Arista devices parameters in my monitoring system – I really wan’t to avoid define thresholds/alarms/notification in monitoring system and CVP – I would like to aggregate all information in one place. The simplest would be to enable snmp on devices and query each one from NMS but that’s “not the best solution” since I’m using telemetry – any other...
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eos telemetry streaming | BGP summary status

Hi, i’m looking for subscription path to display bgp summary status, number of prefix received/advertised on particular neighbor. I could not find the document to correct subscription path. could you please redirect to me correct path so that i can update JSON file?  


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