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Migrating from legacy DC design to EVPN VXLAN Fabric

Introduction This document is intended to provide a reference of steps and sequence followed for:  (1) migrating a legacy 3-tier L2 network to EVPN based VXLAN environment using Leaf & Spine design (2) migrating an L2 Leaf & Spine network with VXLAN using CVX as the control plane to EVPN based control plane (3) migrating an L2 Leaf & Spine network with VXLAN using static VXLAN as the control plane to EVPN based control plane. Scope The key objective of this report is to migrate a Layer 2 datacenter to EVPN based VXLAN using Leaf & Spine (L3LS) solution for...
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7500 Series Fabric Capacity Monitor

Description Enough fabric capacity is needed to sustain line rate traffic of front panel ports of each switch element (FAP). Fabric capacity depends on number of fabric (SerDes) links that are operational and the effective bit rate of SerDes. Operational front panel ports capacity depends on number of operational front panel ports and their speed. Sand fabric capacity monitor, monitors the fabric capacity and front panel ports capacity. It allows the customer to configure a fabric threshold as a % of front panel ports capacity to monitor. When fabric capacity goes below or above configured threshold a system log message...
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Fabric Visibility

A leaf and spine fabric is challenging to monitor. The fabric spreads traffic across all the switches and links in order to maximize bandwidth. Unlike traditional hierarchical network designs, where a small number of links can be monitored to provide visibility, a leaf and spine network has no special links or switches where running CLI commands or attaching a probe would provide visibility. Even if it were possible to attach probes, the effective bandwidth of a leaf and spine network can be as high as a Petabit/second, well beyond the capabilities of current generation monitoring tools. The 2 minute video...
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