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No power supplies?

I have an Arista 7050S DCS-7050S-52 Hardware version: 01.06 Serial number: JPE13440847 System MAC address: 001c.7364.efed Software image version: 4.20.11M This is used in my lab environment right now. When I ‘show environment all’ I get back this: System temperature status is: Ok System cooling status is: Ok Ambient temperature: Unknown Config Actual Speed Stable Fan Status Speed Speed Uptime Stability Uptime — —— —— —— —— ——— —— % There seem to be no power supplies connected. Not sure why it doesn’t see fans or power supplies, but any help would be great!

Is it possible to change spin in Fan Module?

I know that is a little weird but I would like to know if is it possible through configuration. Currently I have a module FAN-7000-R (rear to front), the most obvious is to change this module for one front to rear but I would like to change the air flow direction while order new fan modules. Thank you! Regards.


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