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cEOS at Podman

Hi Colleagues, I’ve been trying to start cEOS at Fedora 31. Quite handy manual https://eos.arista.com/ceos-lab-topo/ doesn’t work in full . I managed to start a container, but couldn’t execute CLI. It says that “Error: executable file not found in $PATH: No such file or directory: OCI runtime command not found error”. Did anyone have a chance to activate it at the similar platform ? Regards, Yury

How to find mac id of comput on fedora linux

I have mac I’d of compute which is directly connected to switch even I have done basic troubleshooting on physical layer and when I execute sh mac address pipe in 84cg but unable to showing mac. So anyone have idea how to find mac I’d in fedora Linux

Virtual Machines in EOS

How-to implement virtual machines in Arista EOS Virtualization was first developed in the 1960s and used to partition mainframe hardware to improve utilization. Today, virtualization has many meanings and widely implemented on a variety of platforms. Arista EOS leveraging it’s unmodified Linux kernel and embracing open source standards based technology has brought the concept of operating system virtualization to Ethernet switching. The approach that Arista has taken is to utilize Kernel-based Vitual Machines (KVM). Turning the Linux kernel into a hypervisor by loading a kernel module which provides the core virtualization infrastructure, a processor specific module (Intel or AMD) which...
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Linux as a Switch Operating System: Five Lessons Learned

Arista spent the last nine years building a switch operating system based on Linux, including nearly six years of field experience. Here are five lessons we learned along the way. Lesson 1. It’s okay to leave the door unlocked. We weren’t the first to put Linux on a switch, but we were the first to leave it open. By “open”, I mean that an administrator can get a root shell on the switch, with access to all of the standard Linux tools from awk to zip. A few naysayers believed that customers would run with scissors, hurt themselves, and blame...
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