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How to Upgrade Access Points to a Specific Build (On-Premises)

Introduction This article describes how to update the firmware on Arista Access Points via the On-Premises Wireless Manager server. On the Arista Cognitive Wi-Fi Cloud, the AP firmware update bundle will be available via the cloud. CloudVision Wi-Fi or the Wireless Manager UI will indicate if new firmware is available for any APs and you can initiate the firmware update for these devices from the UI. If you are using an on-premises Wireless Manager server with Internet connectivity, that is configured to sync with the cloud firmware repository, the update bundle will be available on Wireless Manager itself, after it...
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Troubleshooting an AP in "Non-Recoverable" State after Firmware Update Failure

Introduction This article will assist you in troubleshooting when an AP goes into a “non-recoverable” state. This may happen if the device suddenly loses loses power or connectivity with the cloud/on-prem Wi-Fi management server during the firmware update process. On CloudVision Wi-Fi, the Update column shows that “Firmware Update Failed” for the AP in question. On Wireless Manager you will see the icon beside the AP listing, indicating that the device is in a “non-recoverable” state. Prerequisites Access to the CloudVision Wi-Fi (CVW) or Wireless Manager (WM) UI. config CLI access to the Arista AP or a crossover cable and...
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How Do I Schedule Arista Device (AP/Sensor) Upgrade?

Introduction This feature on Wireless Manager allows you to configure an automatic upgrade of Arista devices (AP/Sensor) to the latest available firmware version. The device upgrade can be scheduled for new devices that connect to the server for the first time, as well as for existing devices that are online. Types of upgrade Hitless Device Firmware Upgrade: Hitless AP Upgrade allows network administrators to upgrade their APs without worrying about downtime. It is particularly effective in dense Wi-Fi deployments. With Hitless AP Upgrade, APs can be upgraded simultaneously by the smart use of RF neighborhood information. New Device Upgrade: It’s...
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