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Aboot Firmware Update

Description This feature supports to upgrade Aboot firmware via an Aboot Update File (AUF). The aim is to be able to provide a signed method of upgrading Aboot in the field. Platform compatibility Supported on all EOS platforms. Configuration An AUF file can be loaded on a device using the following command: install bios source SOURCE [ active | standby ] [ reload ] [ now ] Where: SOURCE is the location where the AUF is located. Active and standby optionally select the supervisor on a modular system. Both supervisors are upgraded by default, with active followed by standby. Reload...
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32b vs 64b

I see that firmware is provided in both 32bit and 64bit eos formats.  I assume the underlying linux is 64bit.  Then the question is what is the reason for having both eos options?  I read that it’s beneficial on the 7280R line that using 64b provides better performance with multiple full bgp tables.  If 64bit performs better then why even offer 32bit?  Are there disadvantages of running 64bit eos on the 7280R product line?

How to Upgrade Access Points to a Specific Build (On-Premises)

Introduction This article describes how to update the firmware on Arista Access Points via the On-Premises Wireless Manager server. On the Arista Cognitive Wi-Fi Cloud, the AP firmware update bundle will be available via the cloud. CloudVision Wi-Fi or the Wireless Manager UI will indicate if new firmware is available for any APs and you can initiate the firmware update for these devices from the UI. If you are using an on-premises Wireless Manager server with Internet connectivity, that is configured to sync with the cloud firmware repository, the update bundle will be available on Wireless Manager itself, after it...
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