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TerminAttr most commonly used flags and sample configurations

Introduction TerminAttr is the EOS state streaming telemetry agent running as a single binary that can stream to both CloudVision and 3rd party applications using gNMI. It has been bundled with every EOS release from 4.17.0F and above and it’s also available as a SWIX extension which can be used to upgrade TerminAttr to the latest version. It is recommended to check the release notes for the latest recommended stable version and compatibility between EOS releases. How to check which version of TerminAttr is running on EOS As the release notes say, the minimum supported TerminAttr version on each EOS...
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gNMIReverse Examples

Introduction gNMIReverse is a Dial-Out gRPC service (available on our Github page) that reverses the direction of the dial for gNMI Subscriptions, where the gNMIReverse client (running along with gNMI target) on the switch sends data to the gNMIReverse Server. This article contains steps on how to build the gNMIReverse client and server binaries and examples on how to configure the daemon to run the gNMIReverse client on EOS. Prerequisite The following tools are required to proceed with this setup including cloning the repository and compiling client binary for EOS. Go Git Installing and configuring gNMIReverse client Building the client...
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