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Introduction vEOS-lab/cEOS-lab on GNS3 – What is it? Fast, Multi-user, Efficient nested virtual lab using Qemu/Kvm/docker images of vEOS-lab/cEOS-lab Dynamic persistent config/storage of each cEOS container across stop/starts and GNS3 project closure/re-opens Deployed in minutes on ESXi host. Cloning and creating another bubble is easy, fast and can be moved around Integrated data plane traffic generation tool (Ostinato) in this lab Packet capture on any links between vEOS/cEOS devices Required SW/HW  GNS3 Server VM (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS VM + GNS3 Server) VMware Host system running ESXi version 6 or above with Mgmt Network access ESXi host to deploy this GNS3...
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EVPN peering not being established

I’m building an EVPN test network using GNS3 (v2.2.0) and vEOS-lab images ( basing the configuration on the EVPN Deployment guide. I’ve built a network with 2 pairs of leaf switches & a pair of spine switches (see image). The Underlay BGP network is established fine, and I can reach the endpoints correctly. However when I try and establish the eVPN overlay peerings between the leaf switches and the spines some links never proceed beyond ‘OpenConfirm’ state. spine1(config-router-bgp)#show bgp evpn summary BGP summary information for VRF default Router identifier, local AS number 65000.0 Neighbor Status Codes: m - Under...
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Management port on cEOS missing

I foloowed the setup at https://eos.arista.com/ceos-lab-in-gns3/ and successfully installed CEOS 4.21.7M on docker on my GNS3 VM. I can start, log in and configure. However, no Management port is available, and cannot be created. the ENV parameter “MGMT_INTF=eth0” has been added and can be seen in the running container. Any help would be appreciated. localhost(config)#sh run ! Command: show running-config ! device: localhost (cEOSLab, EOS-4.21.7M) ! transceiver qsfp default-mode 4x10G ! spanning-tree mode mstp ! no aaa root ! interface Ethernet1 ! interface Ethernet2 ! interface Ethernet3 ! interface Ethernet4 ! interface Ethernet5 ! interface Ethernet6 ! interface Ethernet7 !...
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Arista 4.18 on GNS3 1.5.3 (Windows 7)

Hi, I’m trying to run Arista 4.18.0 (aboot 8.0.0) on GNS3, locally, but i’m having issues to initialize the device. I followed the setup on the link https://eos.arista.com/running-veos-in-gns3-1-5/, changing only the part about the server, which is local. All good until i turn the device on. It takes a lot of time to boot before i decided to stop it, and here what i got from the console: Aboot 8.0.0-3255441running dosfsckSeek to -512:Invalid argumentdosfsck 2.11, 12 Mar 2005, FAT32, LFN Press Control-C now to enter Aboot shellBooting flash:vEOS-lab.swi[ 13.899845] Starting new kernel[ 4.228263] Running dosfsck on: /mnt/flashfsck.fat 3.0.23 (2013-10-15)/dev/sdb: 4...
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