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An Introduction to the Golang eAPI

Introduction Since the release of Arista EOS Command API (eAPI) many have grown to appreciate its stability and easy-to-use syntax which allow applications or scripts complete programmatic control over EOS. Development of applications that interface with your Arista device for the purpose of configuration or monitoring is simple and fairly straight forward. With a little knowledge of Python, Perl, Ruby, or your favorite language of choice, and familiarity with the underlying transport mechanism (JSON-RPC), it’s easy to write some custom functionality to help with deployments, provisioning, configurations and many other things.  Arista has continued its ongoing effort to make life...
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eapi library for golang (goeapi)

start working on a goeapi library, any help would be appreciated eapi binding and library for arista EOS https://github.com/cxfcxf/goeapi 0 forks. 0 stars. 0 open issues. Recent commits: ssh method updated, cxfcxf syntax, cxfcxf update system.go, cxfcxf syntax on readme, cxfcxf readme update, cxfcxf doesn’t really support python’s ParseConfig, so using json instead, syntax maybe different, will completing the library, the good part is, command line tool can be compiled and run on any systems.


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