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as masquerading – need to ibgp peer in a vrf using different as number than main vrf

I know with arista all VRF’s have to have the same AS number. lets say I use as 65000 to ebgp peer with someone. If I set up aanother VRF and want to ibgp peer with someone using as 65005, with the “local as” function where you impersonate an AS number, if I use local-as 65005 and peer with another router using 65005 will it behave as iBGP? Because I have an arista router using 65000 for eBGP with a partner and I need to also iBGP with someone using 65005 in a second VRF. Will this local-as approach work?...
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EBGP vs IBGP on Spine to Leaf deployment

Hi, I wanted to know what is the advantage in using EBGP over IBGP in Spine and Leaf deployment. For example instead of having my Spines in one AS and then having each Leaf I deploy in it’s own AS and run EBGP why can’t I just run IBGP and use one single AS for both my Spine and all the Leaf I deploy. Issues such Next-hop unchanged will be corrected by making all my spines route-reflectors. Thank you, Victor


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