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Igmp Snooping Proxy

IGMP Snooping Proxy feature is an optimization over IGMP snooping. When IGMP Snooping Proxy is enabled, the switch gathers IGMP reports from downstream hosts by sending queries periodically and updates its local state. Later, when it receives a query from an upstream router, the switch responds with a report immediately based on its local state. When IGMP Snooping Proxy is not enabled, IGMP Snooping floods the query in the VLAN for the hosts to respond with a report and the reports are flooded to ports that are known to have multicast routers. Enabling IGMP Snooping Proxy prevents a sudden burst...
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IgmpSnooping and Mlag

Hi, In my case I have configured the querier on one of the Mlag( Ex. Mlag 20 ) and PIM router on Mlag 30. The Mlags here contain Eth Intfs from both the switches. Now when I send a UDP packet destined for a particular group( Ex. as it is a multicast packet it gets flodded onto the local switch. It doesnt go towards the peer-switch as the peer-link is not a part of the multicast group. When I disable the Mlags on one of the switch the Mlag status on both the switches become ”Inactive” Now the peer-link...
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IgmpSnooping in Mlag

Hi, Can anyone explain me IgmpSnooping how it works in Mlag. I got the concept but I am unable to understand the querier, mrouter, igmphost etc..I am not able to understand how they all work and what is there importance. And I need to understand this in Mlag Scenario. Please help me in understanding this.


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