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How to get metrics intfPfcClassCounter with ocprometheus

Hi Everyone We’re trying to graph differents metrics with prometheus and grafana. We intalled ocprometheus on the switches etc… No issues on the basic steps. But we’re going to perform some tests with pfc and it would be great to get the counter intfPfcClassCounter it gives a per interface count of pfc frames but mostly it seems to be per class too. here’s an example of output via rest : [user@device ~]$ curl localhost:6060/rest/Smash/counters/ethIntf/StrataCounters/current { "counter": { "Ethernet1/1": { "counterRefreshTime": 0, "ethStatistics": { "alignmentErrors": 0, "carrierSenseErrors": 0, "deferredTransmissions": 0, "excessiveCollisions": 0, "fcsErrors": 0, "fragments": 0, "frameTooLongs": 0, "frameTooShorts": 0, "in1024To1522OctetFrames":...
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