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Can I Use LDAP to Authenticate Wireless Users?

Introduction As the number of users in an organization increases, so does the need for a centralized database for user management. Arista APs can be used to authenticate users who sign in to Wi-Fi, using their credentials stored in a centralized or distributed database. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) cannot be directly implemented as an authentication mechanism by an Arista AP, primarily because the Arista APs do not support this protocol for authentication. Another reason is that LDAP is not really an authentication protocol but a directory lookup/access protocol, for querying and modifying items in directory service providers like Active...
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CloudVision LDAP support

Hi, does CloudVision support LDAP for authentication like an Arista switch? or we are forced to use radius/tacacs just for CloudVision? Thanks.   J

How to Assign LDAP Attribute Based Roles on Wireless Manager

Introduction This article describes how to assign LDAP attribute-based roles for on-premises Wireless Manager (WM). Besides authenticating users on WM via the LDAP server, user roles can also be assigned by LDAP. Prerequisites LDAP or Active Directory (AD) server administrator privilege. Configure user-role attribute in LDAP / AD server that is going to be used for the role in WM. Administrator or higher privilege on WM GUI. Solution Log in to WM and navigate to Configuration > User Accounts > LDAP configuration. Enter the appropriate LDAP information. Under the Privileges for LDAP Users section, enter the User Role Attribute and...
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