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LACP/802.3ad on vEOS

Hey folks – I’m playing around on a KVM server with vEOS 4.22.0F, trying my hand at the EVPN/ESI multihoming. The basic network is 2 x Spines connected to 2 x Leafs with a single Linux (Debian) VM connected to both Leafs. VXLAN with EVPN is running between the 4 vEOS devices and the EVPN multihoming seems to be working well. The server thinks it has an 802.3ad bundle, and packets can flow through either link. All good. The challenge I’m running into is detecting and/or simulating link failure properly. If, for instance, I “shut” the Ethernet interface on the...
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How to find mac id of comput on fedora linux

I have mac I’d of compute which is directly connected to switch even I have done basic troubleshooting on physical layer and when I execute sh mac address pipe in 84cg but unable to showing mac. So anyone have idea how to find mac I’d in fedora Linux

Introduction to Managing EOS Devices – Memory Utilisation

A common question that users new to EOS have is concerning the high levels of memory utilisation seen on Arista switches (~70% utilised). Typically this is first flagged by the NMS and triggers a low memory warning or alarm. Unlike a traditional switching OS, EOS uses Linux page caching. Most free memory is used as a live cache and very low ‘free memory’  numbers are entirely normal, providing that enough memory is available from the buffers and cached memory for applications demanding more RAM. In this case, the OS is capable of freeing up memory from cache as processes demand it. Memory...
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swix extension: enable service across boot ?

Hello, I’ve created a swix extension from Fedora 14 rpm packages. So far so good. What is the arista way to achieve persistence across reboot : for the ganglia-gmond configuration in /etc/ganglia/gmond.conf file for the init script enabled via “chkconfig gmond on” ? Thank you, Jean-Baptiste

Persistent yum repository

Hello, every blog/documentation I can found just say that you just need to put some repos definition file inside /etc/yum.repos.d. OK, but how do you make them persistent across boot ? Put them on /mnt/flash and make a symbolic link at boot ? What is the arista idiomatic way to make yum repository files persistent ? Jean-Baptiste

System and Process Logging

In addition to the log provided by the ‘show logging’ CLI command, EOS, being a linux based OS, provides users with the ability to access the underlying Linux system logs as well as the individual EOS agent process logs for multiple agent instances (due to reconfiguration or in-service stateful repair). These logs can be accessed via invoking the bash Linux shell directly via the EOS CLI as follows: Arista#bash sudo tail /var/log/messages Feb 17 20:01:01 Arista CROND[32288]: (root) CMD (run-parts /etc/cron.hourly) Feb 17 20:01:01 Arista run-parts(/etc/cron.hourly)[32288]: starting 0anacron Feb 17 20:01:01 Arista run-parts(/etc/cron.hourly)[32297]: finished 0anacron Feb 17 20:01:01 Arista run-parts(/etc/cron.hourly)[32288]:...
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Running a Guest VM on EOS

Introduction One of the key features of Arista EOS is its Extensibility. (that is what the E in EOS stands for.) Many people already love that EOS is based on unmodified Linux kernel and basically runs a subset of Fedora Linux (as of writing, Fedora Core 14). To anyone familiar with Unix or Linux an Arista switch basically looks like a Linux server with lots of ethernet interfaces: switch>enable switch#bash Arista Networks EOS shell [admin@switch ~]$ uname -a Linux switch #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Nov 3 13:07:31 PDT 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux [admin@switch ~]$ ifconfig -a cpu Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:1C:73:19:F6:46...
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Yum Repository

There are a couple tools I would like to install on my Arista switch – one in particular is iftop. I gather the Linux platform running on the switch is RPM-based, and read somewhere that it is “similar” to fedora.  But I have downloaded iftop RPMs for several versions of Fedora and tried to install them, but end up in dependency hell.  I don’t want to break things. Is there a proper RPM repository for the Arista switches that can be accessed using yum, to install extra packages?

Linux as a Switch Operating System: Five Lessons Learned

Arista spent the last nine years building a switch operating system based on Linux, including nearly six years of field experience. Here are five lessons we learned along the way. Lesson 1. It’s okay to leave the door unlocked. We weren’t the first to put Linux on a switch, but we were the first to leave it open. By “open”, I mean that an administrator can get a root shell on the switch, with access to all of the standard Linux tools from awk to zip. A few naysayers believed that customers would run with scissors, hurt themselves, and blame...
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