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Live Client Debugging on CloudVision Wi-Fi

Introduction This article is step-by-step guide to collect client connectivity logs via CloudVision Wi-Fi, using Live Client Debugging. This feature is similar to the Connection Logs on Wireless Manager. Live Client Debugging is useful to isolate the reason for Wi-Fi client connectivity problems in real-time. These logs show the exchange between AP and the client and can capture issues with authentication, authorization, IP address assignment, etc. Prerequisites Administrative access to CloudVision Wi-Fi. 802.11ac AP platform must be connected and active at the location where debugging will be performed. Solution Access CloudVision Wi-Fi from the Launchpad and navigate to Monitor >...
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How to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Client Connectivity Issues

Introduction This article describes how to troubleshoot client connectivity issues using CloudVision Wi-Fi. Prerequisites Access to CloudVision Wi-Fi Knowledge of affected Clients (MAC address/IP address) Solution Troubleshoot Based on Connectivity Dashboard Troubleshoot Based on Known Failures/Clients Troubleshoot Based on Client Failure Alerts Live Troubleshooting Troubleshoot Based on Connectivity Dashboard The quickest way to identify clients facing connectivity issues across a site is by using the Client Journey widget on the Connectivity Dashboard, which is a live feed for all the clients attempting to connect and gain access to the network. The Client Journey widget is divided into four parts: Total...
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