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Running python script in vrf

Hello, My management interface is in the mgmt vrf. I have writtel a very simple python script, where I have defined switch = Server(“https://test:test@”) When trying to run my script from Bash, it stucks and after awhile I get connection timeout: socket.error: [Errno 110] Connection timed out I suspect that the script cannot reach the mgmt vrf, because from Bash I cannot ping the Management IP. If this is the reason, is there a way to insert the vrf into the switch declaration? Thanks

Other interfaces still accepting SSH with management VRF defined

Hi all, I’m attempting to lock all management protocols down to a management VRF.  This is on the 7280 platform, running 4.15.6M-3137476.4156M My management interface is actually a VLAN interface, not a physical interface.  To accomplish that: [code] management ssh idle-timeout 30 vrf MGMT [/code] and of course: [code] interface Vlan50 vrf forwarding MGMT ip address [/code] However, there are other VLAN interfaces on this device, and they’re still accepting ssh connections: [code] interface Vlan16 ip address ip virtual-router address [/code]   In that example, I can still SSH in to the address, even though it’s not in...
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