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Memory ram used

Hello, how are you? I have a question, I work with 2 edges 7050QX, which have 4GB of ram memory, I am passing 5 GB of traffic and the equipment has used 90% of ram, I have not had a problem, but is this normal?

Increase Memory

Hi, I have a 7280SR2-48YC6 router and I recently noticed that it has 8GB system memory. But when running the ‘top’ command it shows that 85% of them have been used and found that 1.3 GB is free and 3.1 GB is Cached. But when I check with the free -h command, it shows below output total     used     free     shared     buffers    cached Mem: 7.7G    6.6G    1.1G    0B            234M      3.1G -/+ buffers/cache: 3.3G    4.4G Swap: 0B 0B 0B Will the device use the cached memory...
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7010t Memory Resources

We purchased a 7010t to do some r&d testing in the lab.  I got it installed, updated the firmware to “EOS-4.23.0F.swi” which is the same were running in production and put a basic OSPF configuration on it.  I then added the switch to librenms monitoring and noticed it warned about the memory being maxed out.  There is almost nothing running on the switch but the memory appears to be maxed out… Both top and meminfo show the same as librenms indicating the memory is maxed, but when I do a “show version” it displays an appropriate amount of free memory. ...
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High Memory Usage

All of a sudden this switch is showing very high memory usage. ———– top – 10:21:04 up 3:29, 2 users, load average: 0.21, 0.36, 0.32 Tasks: 294 total, 1 running, 293 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie %Cpu(s): 10.3 us, 2.2 sy, 0.0 ni, 87.0 id, 0.0 wa, 0.2 hi, 0.2 si, 0.0 st KiB Mem: 3820256 total, 3642120 used, 178136 free, 208096 buffers KiB Swap: 0 total, 0 used, 0 free, 2298888 cached PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 1731 root 20 0 705m 380m 281m S 0.3 10.2 3:09.68 ConfigAgent 1675 root 20...
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Monitoring some agent’s memory utilisation

  Monitoring some agent’s memory utilisation   This article develops further https://eos.arista.com/introduction-to-managing-eos-devices-memory-utilisation/ authored by Colin MacGiollaEain to bring the context to a specific agent’s memory utilisation and how to remediate.   1) Introduction Monitoring the memory usage of specific EOS processes maybe useful to detect which features consume the control-plane resources, as a first step to clarify whether it is a normal behaviour or not. In abnormal circumstances the overall system may be running low on memory, in which case some culprit agent may be restarted, or some other agent may suffer a restart too (collateral damage) by the process scheduler. Examples...
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Introduction to Managing EOS Devices – Memory Utilisation

A common question that users new to EOS have is concerning the high levels of memory utilisation seen on Arista switches (~70% utilised). Typically this is first flagged by the NMS and triggers a low memory warning or alarm. Unlike a traditional switching OS, EOS uses Linux page caching. Most free memory is used as a live cache and very low ‘free memory’  numbers are entirely normal, providing that enough memory is available from the buffers and cached memory for applications demanding more RAM. In this case, the OS is capable of freeing up memory from cache as processes demand it. Memory...
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